Kilham Schoolchildren Enjoy Visit to Hull Museums

On 3 July a party of children from Kilham School enjoyed a visit to two of Hull’s museums.

The day was sponsored by The Arts Society Driffield Wolds (with match-funding from NE Area committee) as part of their contribution to the Young Arts Project.

The children left by coach and spent the morning at The Maritime Museum in Queen Victoria Square where they learned about the Tudors and the interesting age of global discovery.

They heard about trade, navigation, survival and the world connections that Hull made as an important port throughout the centuries.

In the afternoon the children went across the square to the Ferens Art Gallery and studied paintings in relationship to art and design and landscape.  Here exciting, interactive activities were arranged by the excellent Museum staff. The children had a wonderful day and much enjoyed all the activities provided.

The Arts Society also, as it does each year, sponsored the Children’s Art Section at the Driffield Show.  The first prize cup was awarded to Gemma Kerry for her poster design for next year’s show.


Tudor exploration being brought to life in the Maritime Museum