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Guy de la Bedoyere: The Roman Legacy in Britain and Women in Roman Britain

Guy de la Bedoyere is a historian, archaeologist and writer who is well known for his frequent appearances on Channel 4’s Time Team. He has degrees from the Universities of Durham and London and worked many years for the BBC. He lectures widely in this country and Australia.

In the Roman era of Britain’s history we have our evidence for the first individual women in our recorded history. They range from the wife of a governor to a slave girl sold in Roman London. Others include soldiers’ wives, bereaved mothers, and native women. The evidence has come down us in an astonishingly different number of ways, such as tombstones, writing tablets, and artefacts, as well as the physical remains. Some of these women lived long lives, others short and brutal ones. They bear witness to the Roman period in Britain as a far broader experience than the traditional one centred on soldiers and traders.

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